A6 Cut Leather Impact Utility

Pigskin is a dense leather known for its resilience. It holds up well against abrasion and when combined with a cut-resistant liner, the Cut Leather Utility delivers industrial-grade ANSI Level A6 cut protection. Trust that you’ll be protected when working with sharp edges, box cutters, or glass. Padding is integrated into the knuckles for added…Read More

ANSI A5 Cut Resistant Max Impact Glove

Lacerations and crush injuries make hands one of the most vulnerable tools on the jobsite. The new ANSI A5 Cut Resistant Max Impact Glove helps reduce both by combining industrial grade cut protection with exclusive D3O® impact resistance technology. The back-of-hand material is form-fitting, lightweight, and breathable, while the comfortable foam nitrile coating significantly enhances…Read More

A5 Cut Resistant (2 Pair)

Firm Grip ANSI A5 Cut Resistant gloves provide serious industrial grade cut protection. Whether working with sharp blades, rough metal or glass, these gloves protect hands against ANSI A5 rated forces. The comfortable foam nitrile coating significantly enhances grip in wet or dry working conditions while promoting great dexterity.Read More

A6 Cut Max Protection

For the ultimate cut and impact protection, the Duck Canvas Max Impact delivers ANSI Level A6 industrial grade cut protection with ANSI Level 1 impact resistance by incorporating exclusive D3O® technology. Upon impact, the D30 material locks together to dissipate energy and reduce transmitted force. These gloves are constructed with heavy-duty duck canvas that is…Read More

Defender Grain Leather

Code Name: Defender. This is what you get when you combine D3O® impact-absorbing technology with long-lasting cowhide leather. Providing ANSI Level 2 impact resistance across the fingers, thumb, knuckles, and extended to the wrist, the Leather Max Impact Defender delivers full back-of-hand safety. The synthetic stretch panels between the fingers offer improved breathability and a…Read More